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  • How do the beanies fit?
    However you like them to! You can roll them up to whatever height fits your dome the best! You can wear them above the ears, below the ears, flush to the top of the head, or mad loose on top. It don't matter! Or wear it over your face for full incognito mode!
  • How dope are these beanies?
    Way too fire.
  • Can I party while wearing Make Homies?
    Yes. Show the bouncer your Make Homies hat to be let into any house party or frat party. Tell them I said you could send.
  • Can a Make Homies beanie also be used as a mask?
  • Do these products really make you more homies?
    Absolutely. All the homies will say whats up when they see you. Our hats also allow you to talk to any gurls with confidence.
  • Can I get sponsored by Make Homies?
    If you send in a tape of your sponsor video to "327 S Denver Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111" I will purchase a TV with a tape player and review your video.
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